Bordman Road

Bordman Road Reconstruction – City of Memphis, Michigan

The City of Memphis is a small quiet community located on the southerly bank of the Belle River. It is on the border of Macomb County and St. Clair County, Michigan with a population of approximately 1072 people.   The City’s downtown corridor extends north, south, east and west from the intersection of M-19 (Main Street) and Bordman Road and is host to an assortment of retail stores, service businesses, light manufacturing, Memphis Community Schools and private residences.  All very typical of a rural community.

Bordman Road is the main east and west road running through the City.  The roadway within the city limits measures approximately 1.25 miles in length and is classified as a major collector.  The most recent large-scale road improvement project was concluded in 1988.  The roadway had been largely overlooked since this time and had fallen into disrepair and well beyond preventative maintenance rehabilitative measures. However, reconstruction of the entire stretch of roadway as a single project was not within the City’s financial capability.  Phasing the project over a period of several years was the logical solution but, even still, financial assistance would be needed.  On behalf of the City, BMJ prepared an application for Federal Funding through the Michigan Department of Transportation – Transportation Improvement Program Grant for the initial phase of the project.  A grant was awarded in the amount of $295,000 in 2017 for a 0.33-mile section of the road.  The City’s share of the project cost was $74,000. Construction of the roadway started and concluded in summer of 2018 at a total cost of $369,000.

BMJ provided full design engineering and construction engineering services for the project.  The design included the use of recycled materials by utilizing in-place pulverization of the existing asphalt pavement as the new pavement base course.  New asphalt leveling and surface courses, enclosed storm interceptor sewer with drainage structures, concrete curb and gutter, gravel shoulders, guardrail, large diameter cross culvert, sidewalk and driveway replacement, traffic control signage, pavement markings and lawn restoration were the primary elements of the project.

The contractor for the work was Teltow Contracting of Casco, Michigan. The project was successfully completed on time and within budget.  The City is currently in the planning stages for the next phase of the work to be completed in 2021.